Download 121

Please complete the request form then press the Submit button. This will send an advice, with an outline of the download procedure and clickable download link, to the email address provided.

The downloaded demonstration kit is limited to 30 days use, a maximum entry limit of 10 top level terms, a total of 100 terms and demonstration mode messages will display for save operations. EDRMS Integration demonstration capability is only available after an evaluation registration request, as outlined below, has been received.

To enable you to determine the benefits 121 will provide for your organisation, you really need to do a more thorough evaluation than the basic demonstration mode allows. We are happy to facilitate this by making available a time limited key set, normally 14 days, to enable full production use of 121 for that period. A supplied key set may also include access to EDRMS Integration supported options if this is specifically requested.

At the end of the time limited period, the kit will revert to the limited capability demonstration mode. An evaluation key set will only be provided if a registration request is prepared and emailed, per the instructions provided within the confirmation email sent from this download request.