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Try 121 Classification Software for yourself to see the benefits it will provide for your organisation. Click on the DOWNLOAD button to download a free evaluation copy then request a time limited full capability key set. If you select from one of the supported EDRMS systems we will enable that feature within the returned evaluation key.
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Site updated:   Nov 07, 2011
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Each of these demonstrations also includes a thesaurus view switch button.
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121 is intuitive classification management software, using a Windows Explorer metaphor and incorporating thesaurus management capability. Designed to operate as either a standalone thesaurus/classification tool or optioned with advanced features for records management EDRMS requirements,.
Develop, then maintain, a new hierarchical classification, file-plan, thesaurus or classification in standalone mode, or, optionally, via EDRMS Integration to do immediate updates to supported target products.
Customisable web HTML export
121 includes a standard export to produce web pages for easy browser viewing of the thesaurus or classification by users. Click on the images below to see samples using different customisations. Logos and images shown here may be replaced with those of your own choosing though some CSS and HTML adjustments may be required if sizes, colors, etc differ
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Business Classification and Thesaurus Software

EDRMS Integration products currently supported:
HP Trim Context - from V5.4, all Version 6 releases and latest HP Trim V7, Thesaurus, Classification and Schedules  Objective 7.3, 7.4 and 7.5, Keyword thesaurus, Folder file plans and Disposal Schedules  OpenText eDocs DM5 or DM6 [previously Hummingbird Enterprise], File Plan and Disposal  Termwise for Interwoven (from Trinogy Systems).  InfoXpert
Implementation of the EDRMS Integration option, a concept developed and implemented by Active Classification Solutions in 2004, means there is no longer a need to export to transfer files then import and verify.
121 EDRMS Integration provides a safe means to immediately view and update the thesaurus, file plan and disposal content of supported vendor EDRMS systems.
121 is a modular design enabling it to be used for standalone non EDRMS development of thesauri and classifications by not purchasing the Retention and Disposal or EDRMS Integration options. These options may be added as and when required.
Term Tree, originally released January 1999, is now a maintenance only product and no longer available for download. 121 is now the product being actively developed and we suggest you evaluate 121 in preference to Term Tree.
Records Management, Retention and Disposal