121 is intuitive Business Classification Scheme and Thesaurus Management Software, using a Windows Explorer metaphor. Designed to operate as either a standalone thesaurus/classification tool or optioned with advanced features to integrate with records management EDRMS products. Develop, then maintain, a new hierarchical classification, file-plan, thesaurus or business classification scheme in standalone mode or, optionally, via EDRMS Integration to do immediate updates to supported target EDRMS products.

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Try 121 Classification Software for yourself to see the benefits it will provide for your organisation. Click on the DOWNLOAD button for a free evaluation copy then request a time limited full capability key set. If you select from one of the supported EDRMS systems we will enable that feature within the returned evaluation key.

Base Editor
The Base Editor module provides features to create and edit many to many thesaurus and one to many business classification scheme structures. Related links, including automatic connection of reciprocals, is an easy operation. Being built to comply with AS15849 / AS4390 ensures compliance with Record Keeping standards. This module may be connected to a local Access database or directly to an EDRMS/ECM system as outlined below.

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Retention and Disposal
The Retention and Disposal module allows easy development of Disposal Classes for the correct Disposition of records as required by Regulatory Authorities. The unique trigger / event / action elements for each EDRMS/ECM system supported are displayed for viewing and editing.

Active Web pages
A major feature included in the Base Editor is an export to easily produce Active Web pages for use on a local intranet or the internet. These pages allow users to review the structure and relationships and may include Retention and Disposal detail if the option has been purchased. Information to prepare these pages is obtained directly from the connected local 121 database or an EDRMS/ECM system if the option is configured.

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Hierarchical no Custom CSS
Hierarchical using CSS
Hierarchical using CSS plus header with logo

Each of the above demonstrations has been exported to both Thesaural and Hierarchical format and a button is provided to enable switching between the two display modes. The export module allows selection of both modes or just one as required.

EDRMS Integration
121 EDRMS Integration enables direct connection with either HP Trim V7, HP RM8 or HP ECM 9 using the API/SDK facilities of these systems. Terms, relationships and Disposal elements are displayed and managed from the 121 screen. Implementation of the EDRMS Integration option, a concept developed and implemented by Active Classification Solutions in 2004, means there is no longer a need to export to transfer files then import and verify.

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Click on the image for more information about HP Trim / HP RM8 / HP ECM9 integration